Tuesday, March 1, 2011


After celebrating Lohri in the previous class, we were in a jovial mood by default while Rohit was in a total marketing mood and displayed his list of LEVI’s Signature stores with Lipika helping him by doing the writing part on the white board. In a while our faculty Mr Suneel Keswani (LOVEGURU and Radio Jockey) came in with his own camera and bamboozled us immediately. He filled the empty rows by changing our conventional seats and made us sit right in front. Then he asked me to rub off the white board, which I had to do and Rohit was heartbroken..

The next person to arrive on the spot was ‘O(h) Shrey’ !! Everybody gave him a loud cheer and things seemed to settle down a bit. The origin of ‘O’ Shrey is still a mystery as Rohit claimed he was the founder, which Shrey denied straight away.

The Tea Break !
Our faculty tried to engage us in some or the other activity to divert our attention from Shrey, a ploy which worked wonders for him. He needed a wire to play his videos properly which the organizers of the venue arranged, time went by and we got our first tea break. This tea break was no different from the previous ones and gave us some awesome pics which will be cherished for life but Rohit and Sahil (co-founder of MAL Bhawan) were not seen in this break. Rahul (HKP / Mr Chance Maaro) was still not finished so he took the camera and came in 15 mins beyond the tea break after fully satisfying himself. 

Our Huddle, courtesy Suneel sir
The post tea session was full of corporate grooming lessons, inspiring videos and quotes, making notes was the need of the hour so everyone was busy in that , but our faculty did some magical mimicry which required him to stammer, the act was really amazing and after some time it was lunch.The lunch time was full of joy and photographs, with Mr Keswani taking the lead.Rohit and Sahil were missing yet again and were finally found having some personal talks in a secluded area. Some of our friends who went for an ice cream and lunch, missed the opportunity of that special huddle pic which sir clicked. As soon as the lunch time ended, we were joined by our friends and we went in extra time for a lot of pics, most of them being on an individual basis, with Kavita, Surbhi ( Miss Fair and Lovely), Sugandh, Ankit ( Mr Amul Butter) and Abhinav in most of them.

Smiles all over !
Post lunch was all smiles, as it was the Smiley session. Sir announced he would be giving a smiley ball to the person who was having a genuine smile throughout the class. Since then all of us tried our best to smile as much as we could. Angad even had to do a bit of modeling. Sir also made us do an interesting exercise in which we had to write our name with our non-writing hand three times, which was really funny. Everybody gave a good effort to get the smiley ball, but it eventually went to Venita, who was then crowned as ‘Miss Smiley’. After that sir showed us a slide show of all the photos he clicked on the background music of Taare Zameen Par which was really awesome. We then transferred the pics from Sir’s camera with JP’s help who was our Laptop guy. As it was Friday and YPD had released so we tried our best to convince everyone to go for the movie after class, the plan which couldn’t mature and was postponed for Sunday, the responsibility for arrangements was taken by O Shrey and other Sahil.

Now it was time for our 10th day to start which was to be taken by CA Dinesh Bahl (of SNB). We were warned in advance by Vishal ji to be on time as Mr Bahl did not allow the entry after 9:30. Some of us were well in time, and as we entered the class Mr Behl was already sitting to our surprise, and Amar and Varun were not late, while some others like Angad, Resham got late and had to get the chocolates as a penalty. The whole session upto lunch was about the slides sir had made, the lights had to be switched on and off, so Ankit Surana became our lightsman, it was getting really boring till the time he divided us into 2 groups and  asked for a presentation on the meaning of the Sufi song ‘Ji Chaahe’ by Abida Parveen, which I think was the only interesting moment of the class as we didn’t take it seriously at all. After that it was lunch and we got to know that the next session would be taken by CA Jagjit Singh.

So, after lunch, as Mr Singh walked in, we walked out (but Rohit kept on sitting)..
Bunking !
We were just wandering here and there outside the class and after some time we met our other companions so our walking spree on the main road continued, needless to say we started clicking lots of photos here also…Sumit (Chunnilal) was highly excited and said he felt relieved after bunking, something which he had never done before ! We then realised that the class time was about to be over so we got back for our evening attendance and had to bear some torture for that. Within some time the class got over and we had a sigh of relief.

Dabangg  revisited !
After our customary group photos outside the class and when most of the people disbursed, my diary was the most sought after as it contained the titles (to be discussed in other part). Lipika and Ruhi were interested in driving an auto and were least concerned with the events on the other end. Suddenly we got in Dabangg mode, courtesy the twin towers, Sahil Pulkit from Panipat, who had got the shades and then started the photo session which continued for more than an hour outside the class, and ended only when the battery of my camera gave up!!

This marked the end of the most amazing 10 days and we were waiting for the remaining 5 which were yet to come!!

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