Saturday, February 13, 2010


What exactly is Article 370 of our Constitution ?
Many of us Indians don't even know what kind of discrimination and injustice is being done with us. Suppose someone comes to your city and settles there permanently but you cannot go and settle in the city from where he came. Doesn't it sound strange, and isn't it some kind of an imbalance ?
This is Article 370.
The history goes way back to the partition days when J&K became a part of India, when Maharaja Hari Singh signed the accession papers on October 26, 1947 under which the state of J&K acceded to India on the same pattern as the other states. During that period, Pt. Nehru pressurised the Maharaja for handing over power to Sheikh Abdullah. On the request of Sheikh Abdullah and keeping in view the peculiar circumstances prevailing in J&K at that time, the instrument of accession was kept interim. The peculiar circumstance was that within two months of its formation, Pakistan had attacked India with the objective of acquiring Kashmir by force. When the State was at war, its people could not be taken for granted. The question therefore arose as to what should be done till the Assembly took the final decision? For this period Article 370 was incorporated in the Constitution as a temporary measure. But even after the State Assembly of J&K ratified the state's accession to India, the Article was not scrapped.
Only the people who lived in J&K before partition can purchase land in J&K, nobody else can buy a single piece of Land in J&K.
If this be the rule then why are people from J&K allowed to buy land in other parts of the country, isn't it unfair, the law should be equal for all.
These days the Thackerays are raging for Maharashtra, the Govt says India for all, its high time the Govt should introspect now and set an example by repealing Article 370 in J&K.


  1. i too agree with the author that if a person from one part of the country can buy or reside in any other part of the country the same should be the rule with j&k.

  2. We keep saying J&k is an integral part of India, if so then why this discrimination? India is spending toooooo much on J&K which seems a wastage of national treasury! scrap article 370 immdeiatly and bring all those people who were evicted by kashmiri muslims in the name of religion! they were trying to create another islamic country!!! this is waht is called ethnic cleansing!!!!!shame on our politicians who are not patriotic but only monytriac

  3. you are perfectly right.all successive govts in centre have been afraid of touching this simply because they are afraid of loosing minority votes.with passage of time the clan of minority appeasers have increased in number and possibility of a single party majority seems remote.if a party like bjp,relatively logical,patriotic and pro-hindu can scrap it if it comes power with 2/3rds majority.
    we fail to understand how a muslim from other parts of india is affected if it is scrapped.our political parties and their leaders are concerned with power alone no matter what happens to the country.


  4. i too agree with u as we all are indians so why this type of discrimination

    read why...update your knowledge admin or simply dont behave like typical hindu there is billion blogs over internet be the best one the truth ful one