Wednesday, August 18, 2010


India's Democratic system is famous all across the globe. Everyone lauds the way India carries out its election process on a mass scale. Whether the results are genuine or not, only God knows.
Unlike the Americans, who follow the bi-party system, India follows the multi party system which gives every party and a lot of independents the right to contest the elections. Here the PM is decided after the elections, whereas in US, all the office bearers are decided prior to the elections.
This system has been a pain in the neck now for many years as it has created a havoc in the Indian Political League. Every year a large no. of new parties are created and get added in the system. After that they need controversies so that people recognise them and thats how more and more controversies emerge. The race to the Parliament and Assemblies have been intensified in a peculiar manner over the years, with state parties playing a dominant role giving rise to the Coalition 'puppet' Governments. In 2004 when Congress came to power, it was with the support of the Communists and every move of the UPA govt was with the communists' prior approval.
What India actually needs is the bi-party system so that the blackmailing of the state parties ends and the Governments which get formed are stable, as what happened in the late 90s when Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji's Government ended after 13 days and 13 months, and then the chair of PM shifted from HD Devegowda to IK Gujral and back to Atal ji but this time for a complete term. The intention of multi party system was to give representation to all states but the manner in which it is misused is very disappointing for the country, the Yadavs' (Lalu and Mulayam), Paswan, Karunanidhi, Abdullahs, Communists, Didi (Mamta Banerjee) all run the Government in the actual sense, i.e blackmailing.
In India there are two main political parties, i.e BJP and Congress and only they should prevail in the Lok Sabha Elections for the development of the nation.

It is very important now for the people to realise that regional parties should be marginalised when it comes to election to the parliament, as it can only lead to a hung parliament and the development shall be minimised, instead vote only for national parties.
Every year elections are held in different states, which causes a great loss to the exchequer and results in wastage of taxpayers' hard earned money, instead all the state and the Lok Sabha elections should be held together as it will result in a lot of saving of money for the nation and can be used for a lot of developmental works.
The MPs are now demanding a steep salary hike, whereas if their attendance in parliament is checked, it goes a steep downwards slope, we the people have a lot of power in our hands and we can use it to great effect if we wish to.


  1. All said, written and talked about - do you think our parliamentarians will let such changes happen? they will veto with full strength to none into their favor!

  2. Birds of same feather flock together. Here Birds are the ministers and place is the Parliament. They all know how dark they are inside their white clothes. So, they will never be interested to change our political system, because it suits them very well.

  3. Very true sir....
    But this is what all d politics is about, a change is required and something more concrete is needed in a good direction.

  4. Yes, after trying all permutation combination, this one should be advocated. Independents however sincere, honest , learned may be are proving a disaster.

  5. But the big problem is, its not easy to marginalise d regional parties and the independents untill a party comes with majority and has the will to amend the constitution.

  6. The Indian Political System is good. It consist Parliamentary system in which 2 types of houses.we are the Largest Democratic country in the World.