Thursday, September 2, 2010


All of us face a common problem these days, i.e the pressure of studies....Over the years this phenomenon has only increased....
Just imagine if there would be a study gadget which would make our study interesting, how easy it would become for us to do our studies and that too without any fuss.
I hope all of you would remember the television show Small Wonder, in which 'Vicki the Robot' was a character and the way she used to flip the book once and everything got stored in her mind...
We also need that kind of storage  in our brain, the fact is our brain depreciates @ 60%, per annum, as time passes by, the brain remembers fresh things first, while the former are transferred to our sub-conscious mind and if that storage is also full, then it is also erased, it over writes things as the storage capacity is inadequate....!!

A  gadget which I think of is unique, nano in size, unlike the one shown in the image on the left, which can be attached to our head while we read our books.
What it will do is, while we read, it will make a visualisation of what all we read and record its pictures along with videos till the time we don't press the stop button...It will also have a USB plugin which can be connected to USB ports in any device supporting it, just like a Pen-drive, whether laptops, LCDs, anything and it shall be multi-format, i.e. can support any format.
It will contain lots of storage capacity, with a minimum of 300 GB, and shall have the option of segregating the different topics which we have read and a playback voice shall be inherent in it to explain the visuals recorded by the gadget..

The major difficulty of avoiding studies is that they are too monotonous and we don't find them interesting, my main idea of this gadget is just to make studies a bit more practical oriented and interesting, so that we may atleast know what we are actually studying and do justice to it....
We can't avoid studies, but we can certainly make it more interesting...


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