Thursday, September 16, 2010


Kashmir has been burning from last 3 months, and as the case is, The Government wakes up only when an alarm is raised. You all must be wondering as to what exactly is the problem there, the news channels do not report the whole picture, and as fellow countrymen we all should be aware of what is the truth.
Hoisting of Pakistani flag in Kashmir

Azaadi (Free Kashmir from Indian Control), 
Repealation of AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act), 
Free Stone pelters,
Autonomy, and among many others...
Include Pakistan in talks

It all started in June this year when some youths got killed in the valley due to mistaken identity of being as terrorists, though inquiry is still on and nothing is confirmed yet. The pro-pakistan people in the valley started taking out processions and encouraged the youths to turn as stone pelters who then rampaged the police, CRPF, Army with stone pelting. This continued for a while, then normalcy would return for some days, but then again it would start all over again...For an economy which strives mainly on tourism, this is a total disaster, as the main season this year is just over, and the winters are nearing.
Burning of Indian Flag in Kashmir
  • Business operations completely shut
  • Education ruined
  • SMS Services banned in the whole state (including Jammu)
  • Loss of Government property worth crores
  • Loss of Human Lives
  • Loss of Security Personnel's lives
  • Alienation and disintegration of Kashmir from Rest of India
  • Tourism Industry totally in loss, hotels closed, staff retrenched.
  • People shifting to other states for work, education.
Imagine yourself living in a place which has been completely shut down for last 3 months, no business, no education, nowhere to go.
The Government of India has failed miserably to address this situation and is landing itself in a complete mess day by day.

These people in the image on the left are highly anti-national people (Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz umar Farooq and Shabbir Shah) and responsible for the present situation in Kashmir. They have got lots of money and their families are living abroad while they create a mess in India. They are popularly known as the Separatists or the Hurriyat Conference. They say Kashmir is disputed and want to go to pakistan, well the Government should welcome them and give them a free passage. But to our utmost surprise the Indian Government is not even arresting them, they should be hanged instead. If they make the same statements in Pakistan which they make in India, they shall disappear overnight itself and nobody would even know their whereabouts.  

Ask a question to yourself :
Can you ever tolerate if a person in front of you abuses India and burns the national flag,  how will you react ?

The Indian Army faces the same situation everyday in Kashmir, just imagine their plight. If they do something, then they are blamed, then what should they do ?
The Army needs to be motivated, their hands should not be tied and we need someone like KPS Gill who transformed Punjab by eliminating militancy from the state in the 1980s after which the militants turned to Kashmir.

Please do let me know your views..


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  2. Very Very True but d irony z y v r suffreing at d hands of few ppl, y v r pelting stones, or burning buildings, or evn y v r silent and indifferent...I think dat itz jst nt d govt. to be blamed at and not evn 2-3 seperatist, itz the ppl who gt carried away by dese fw wrngheaded persons...v as a citizens of india, v as a part of democracy hv a bttr n larger role dan js blamin army or politicians n seperatists...its in our hands dat v educated ppl dunt let ourselves 2 b d scapegoat...if v cm2gthr it vl mk a difference...india z ours n v have 2 prove it...

  3. @ Manishi : Ur point taken, but the ground realities in Kashmir r really different which need to be tackled carefully,it has been disputed since the partition, thanks to then Prime Minister, ppl are jobless there, and they get a handsome amt of money for stone pelting, the Govt has to create jobs, and better handling of the issue could have prevented this turmoil...

    1. u r a total dumbo,,,, stone pelters in kashmir are engineers, educated people, business mans....
      ur Indian ideology will never change, u guys will stay like this till u burn in fire of ur funeral....

  4. Its very informative and painful scenario of kashmir and I think people those have eyes must read this.great effort for great cause .keep it up.

  5. Thanks a lot Dr Pratibha....That really means a lot ...

  6. Very nice article.
    For me our Govt. is not professional , Kashmir being a sensitive issue must be on their minds everytime.
    Its been a difficult matter for Govt.
    While hanging those Separatists will just burn Kashmir more as they have strong support there.
    Kids are brought for protesting i don't understand what they know about Azadi.
    Now its in hand of our Govt. how to tackle this issue, they must gain confidence of the people there this may left behind the Separatists that our stuffing the minds of people with dirt.

  7. @ Abhishek : Thanks for ur views, now Govt has to act swiftly and have to satisfy the Kashmiri people without any further delay, and separatists need to be tackled carefully and they should be taught a lesson, messing with india costs a lot !

  8. good one dear :) Quite informative too. Thanks :)

  9. It is disheartening to see the real Indian map with half of head chopped off..when in school books we used to have the full it looks headless :(..
    and about wiping out those politician doesnt take much time.. but its all game.. there are politicians[ read beneficiaries] within India also who run the show..its only we common people who are fooled...

  10. @ shantinath : i appreciate...

    @ unknown : thats d real truth what u said and all the politicians r d beneficiaries of it, its very sad to c d situation of kashmir..

  11. Life has come a full circle now Kashmiris are realising futility of aligning with Pakistan.....i hope sanity and tradition prevails...even govt is reducing the army deployment