Saturday, February 12, 2011


The Panelists
Riding high on the hangover of the last class, much was expected of the immediate next one, we were busy posing for photographs on the dais and didn’t have even the slightest hint of the events which were about to take place in this day. We got on our toes as soon as a lady teacher walked in, hesitantly I went and asked her, "will we be studying a lot ?" And she quickly replied “ I have an activity based class”, so as the class progressed, I wondered where did the activities go ? Well, she was none other than Mrs Madhu Sharma, who made someone really famous that day, and no prizes for guessing, it was our very own Anil Tantia !  (She had some personal grudges against him,thats what he said). After an hour or so we were just frustrated with the class and it was time for Chandan to become our ‘Hero of the day’ so he took on our faculty’s ‘desperation’ with a lot of JOSH but forgot the HOSH .

Rahul in sleep mode again
In the tea break, we were joined by Amar and Varun, who usually come late, and our deemed official photographer CHUNNI LAL (now CA Chunnilal) started clicking photographs in a manner which reminded me of the Dabangg scene ‘Bhaiya ji, smile please’, and he offended someone who didn’t like getting her snaps clicked, meanwhile our Eiffel Tower (Ruhi) was in a lot of demand, as some of us wanted a picture with her, though I don’t know whether she liked it or not !

With Pan in our mouth
At lunch time most of the discussions were centered around the Lohri celebrations, for which the main organizers were Angad and Sugandh, we as the remaining ones were the contributors. We extended our lunch break and went to McDonalds in CP after adjusting ourselves somehow in Ruhi’s car and thereafter we were joined by some of our other friends in Bengali market for Golgappas and Pan, in between we got to know that our faculty was missing us badly and there were hardly 20 people left in class, so we went back immediately to give her company.

After some time, the class finally ended and after our customary FOTO session, in which Rohit was made to lift the girls’ purses where he also took a Chunni, (somebody deleted that pic from my camera, so if anybody’s got it, please put that on fb asap) most of us went to INDIA GATE where it was totally a Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses show ! From the ruckus we created, it felt as if we were the only ones enjoying there at that moment of time.

Now we entered the auspicious day of Lohri (our 8th day) and our faculty was Mr Amit Arora (a CA, CEO, Journalist), whom I must say was really practical and flexible, at least for us,  his class was really worth attending and his most used line was ‘NGT’ (Nihayati Ghatiya Tark)..Bunking was almost at its peak and this class was no different, after the tea break some of us went to KFC, and collected some balloons which didn’t reach the class as we gave them to the children on the traffic lights. When we came back our attendance bhaiya (Vishal ji) was furious with us and denied us the attendance, for the time being, which we eventually got. The class went on normally as we all were waiting for the lohri celebrations to begin, and post lunch, after an hour we were granted our wish. All of us were dressed up in casuals and Heena stood out in her traditional outfit. 

We were to celebrate our Lohri in the Dhobi Ghat adjoining our MAL bhawan.
Lipika and Resham in rhythm
After lighting the customary lohri fire, the DHOL began and Abhinav ( brand ambassador of E&Y) did his Naagin moves initially.. Soon the flavour caught up with everyone, the Bhangra was on its way and then there was no looking back. As Resham was about to get married soon, so her BOLIs were made and Sahil Pulkit contributed with a lot of energy in it. Ravinder paaji (Mr Cool) who didn’t interact much initially couldn’t resist and participated with great enthusiasm. Rohit was asked to show us his dancing moves, which he'd been learning in those days, and we weren't disappointed.

Its Lohri !
The Dhol people left after sometime and the sound system in Rohit’s car was then used which served the purpose really well.. There was high voltage drama when the rumours came in to stop our celebrations as it was being opposed by the CAG people in the building just opposite the Dhobi Ghat. Sugandh took the lead and managed to stall the celebrations for a while, but then she had some Dairy Milks and participated till the end..!!

So Friends this is not the end, believe me



    Well done my boy..!

    Reading it feels like living the fab. moments again...!! Our batch no doubt was awesome but your blog is d cherry on d cake..!!

    Thanx for d smile which is on my face right now..!!


  2. It really feels good after this kind of appreciation, thanks a ton !