Sunday, July 11, 2010


At times fate has its own way and we can't do much about it.

Good friends are really hard to choose, because they are the ones who are there when we need them the most, they are
our memories, source of joy and there in every moment of
happiness and sorrow.

Friends play a vital role in one's life, they can either lead us
to a right path or a wrong one.

Initially in my childhood days I had no friends, home to school and back, I was an extreme introvert, I even completed my homework in school so that I could watch the idiot box at home.

Just like other people of my age I also had a craving for friends,
and one day my wish was granted with a friend (not many, only 1) but I was very happy with what I had got.

We were content in each other's company, and didn't feel the need of any other friend. We used to sit together in school, shared our meals, started going to each other's house frequently.

Everything was going on very smoothly for him, his father had a good business, and they also stayed in a great locality. Theirs' was a perfect family of four leading a perfect life.
But who knew what life had in store for them in the near future, their happiness was to be short lived.

One fine day I woke up to the news that the only friend I had in this world was now no more with me.
His father suffered a major setback as his business partners cheated him and committed frauds leaving all the liabilities upon his father and Govt authorities were after him .

They were left with no other option and left the city for an unknown location leaving behind everything here.
Suddenly I had lost my best friend and there was no other person at that moment of time whom I could call upon as my friend.

Time went by and I went to hostel with a hope to find new friends there. One day I got a letter from him !!
That was a very happy moment for me, and after sometime an e-mail too...

E-mails continued, but not often, today, I know what he is doing and he knows what I am doing, nothing more than that. Our friendship is now continuing through mails.

I am now looking forward to that day when the cycle of e-mails stops and we both meet with the grace of God.

Today being his birthday, I dedicate this post to him.


  1. Such moments are hard-hitting but has all d more increased d relevance of ur friend in ur life forever.Its evident from ur blog.

  2. May your friend return back to long he is ethical and good i think he will reover, with all his enemies destroyed....God bless