Thursday, May 27, 2010


Breaking News !! is now no more breaking news...
Have you ever noticed that whenever you switch on your television there is always a breaking news being flashed on the screen ?  Electronic media has gone way ahead by reporting even a normal piece of news as breaking news, on some occasions the breaking news is such which shouldn't even be news. They have taken too much liberty by foraying into peoples' public lives and asking personal questions. The reality shows are a latest addition in the growing scope of Breaking news.

Breaking News : Rahul Gandhi had Dal-Poori and Vegetables in meals.

Breaking News: Amitabh Bachchan felt cold

Breaking News: Rakhi Sawant slapped Abhishek

This is the level of news reporting our media has resorted to.
Barring few news channels, the quality of news we see on most of the channels 
these days is pathetic. 

There is one more interesting piece of news reporting I want to 
share with you and believe me its the best of the lot.

 A commissioner's dog goes missing and it becomes
the breaking news in the leading channels.
I wonder a lot of hard work is put in by our dedicated reporters
to get news from different genres and corners of the country.

News channels are only showing us what we want to see, we as common 
man are very much interested in knowing as to what is going
on in the celebrities lives, what they had for dinner, and whom they 
met last night. It is our fault as well.They are making news interesting for 
us and have completely forgotten the essence of news is its simplicity.
The gradual evolvement of 24 hours round the clock news channels
and the continuing addition has led to the dilution of news in a big way.

But even in this era of Cable tv and dish networks, Doordarshan
has still maintained its quality and is presenting news in a 
meaningful manner.


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  2. That was an interesting post, one which every TV viewer will endorse. I don't agree with you on one point though. Even the biggest sycophant is not interested in Rahul Gandhi's meals and the best fan of Rakhi (??) won't consider her fight with Abhishek (Bachchan??) as Breaking news!

    I suggest that they have an hour entirely for such news and can call it whatever they want and spare the normal news viewer such crap! Ditto to your approval of DD news!

  3. Hey zephyr, thanks for dropping by...
    I agree that they have a time slot for all this kind of stuff, but my only concern is that it cannot be termed as "BREAKING NEWS"...Its misleading people at large.