Sunday, July 3, 2011


Continuing from where I left earlier, I just realised that I had to finish what had been started few months back, a tale of 64 rockers..

Outside ICAI
Starting from day 11, it was a bit different from the rest, but was perfectly loaded in our favour. The class was at ICAI Bhawan in Vishwas Nagar, and our faculty for the day was Mrs Meena Gupta, I must say quite energetic and full of enthusiasm..
It was a Sunday and every kept on rolling in slowly. The seating arrangement was also good, by the side on a round table, which we really enjoyed,  and we were as it is also excited because of our after class programme, to see “Yamla Pagla Deewana” with majority of the class coming along.

Kavita's phaansi

In the morning tea break some of us went for “Poori Chana” in the nearby area and after that the class picked up some momentum and went on well as our faculty tried her best to keep us engaged in some or the other activity, though there were some assignments whose pages were missing, which created a chaos and then it was time for the “Dumb Shiraz” session which was a lot of fun. After the lunch break an official from the institute was waiting eagerly for us and gave some good dose for the indiscipline we had created throughout the week. We had a big sigh of relief after he went and then our normal class resumed again, our faculty also agreed to leave us early so that we could enjoy our movie. It was also a day for a lot of proxies, as we managed to save the day for a lot of friends !!

The time had now come for us to leave for the show but we were waiting for our organisers O! Shrey and Sahil, who had put in some great efforts to manage the tickets for the 40 of us and not to forget Kunal, who went for the second time as he had already seen it before. As the movie couldn’t meet up our expectations, we surely did meet ours, did whatever could have been thought of, sat on the floor, shouted and danced on each and every song while moving down towards the big screen.. We had our share of warnings but nothing could stop us that day…Even the families and other people enjoyed our performance in the hall…The movie ended and then all of us then went back, only to be ready for the next day..

Parul group's presentation
Now we were moving on towards the last lap of our glorious GMCS days, and this 12th day was no less.. Faculty for the day was Mr Mridul Tandon, he had a different plan for the class, he asked us to voluntarily form a group, decide on a topic and speak on it without the use of paper..
Groups were formed and preparations had started…Jigyasa and Lipika decided on a topic “Live-in-Relationships” and then roped me in their group…Uday and Rohit prepared on the “Sub-prime crisis”, and Parul,Chandan,Angad etc group spoke on  “Break up and its side effects”. 

Live-in presentation
We started giving our presentations turn by turn and my group was the most sought after as we were dealing with a very sensitive topic, and many questions were asked, a special mention for Rohit who had a lot of doubts for the live-in topic and kept on asking a lot of questions…
It was a good session and every group tried to put up a good show !

Time for Lunch and once again we felt like going somewhere, this time it was the turn for old Delhi’s Chandni Chowk and we were headed to Kareem’s…
Rohit again had no interest in going with us, and he stayed back, while I, Chandan and O! Shrey went to Paranthe wali gali for lunch and also to look for momentos .
When we came back, the trouble was already waiting for us, Vishal bhaiya had seen enough and started his tantrums for the attendance, and once again we managed to convince him, while some of the girls got emotional as well !!

Class ended and we had to plan for an another outing, so this time it was South Delhi’s Essex farm, where fun was at its peak..Well I’d say the best still hasn’t come and obviously is YET TO COME, so I am saving it for the grand last part…


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