Saturday, August 21, 2010


All of us dream, after all what is life if we don't have dreams. But there is a big difference between dreams and imagination, dreams are something which we aim to fulfill and desire to achieve and work for....Imagination is the ability to visualise things, quite often I have realised that I dont 'day dream' but I day imagine, this term might sound odd to you, but believe me its not a dream, you shall get to know it better as I proceed further with it. While doing any other work which Iam least interested in doing, I mostly get into a state of trance and start imagining.

I mostly imagine about two things which I shall discuss as under:

Firstly I imagine that I have become a great Indian Cricket player (which has always been my passion, not dream because I know I will never be one !) and I have earned such a great reputation of letting my team win from any adverse situation, and the team can always depend on me.
That I am the best all rounder the country has ever seen, strike rate always more than sehwag, and almost a century and minimum of 5 wickets in every match, and sometimes the fielding can be a great plus too !!
From my very childhood, my inclination has always been towards cricket, and I have always followed it like a fanatic...I used to maintain a diary in which i used to create ficticious matches and record its scorecards, and all the other statistics, while visualising it side by side...Moreover I play only selected matches and that too the important ones only, especially if its against Pakistan, and in the end of it we have won the World Cup Final against Pakistan which is still to be held in 2011 in India itself.

Second one is that I have floated a political party after being a successful cricketer, and people have given  me a lot of support in its creation. After the party has been created, the elections are about to happen and my party wins it with a thumping majority all over (leaving behind the Congress and the BJP) India and this happens only for the second time in the history of India, which gives us the golden chance of making amendments in the constitution, which otherwise could never have been made. We appoint a Prime Minister and the council of Ministers who are highly learned and represent various fields of knowledge with the minimum qualification of a post graduate(unlike the current MPs who are not even graduates) and the portfolios are then allotted accordingly . After all has been settled, the major amendment our party makes immediately is to make India's political system a bi-party and ban all the other parties and independents from contesting the election.
The two parties which shall be eligible to contest the elections shall be the parties who obtain the highest and the second highest no of votes in the elections. After that we have successfully solved the external problem of Kashmir, terrorism,  and PAKISTAN by erasing Pakistan's trace from this earth, because if these are solved, India would automatically start progressing.
After these issues, our focus shifts on internal issues like Corruption, Naxalism, and Growth rate and we enter the security council as well along with INDIA being in the list of developed nations, and after sometime I realise that I was studying and while studying I imagined all this.....

These are all weird thoughts which don't even have a chance of coming true, but still just thought of sharing it with everyone...

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