Sunday, February 6, 2011


Our GMCS batch began on the 5th of January and while walking my way to the Malviya bhawan, [or ‘MAL BHAWAN’ – as Sahil (from Karnal) and Rahul temed it this way]
I kept on thinking about the description my friends gave me about the kind of fun they had while doing their GMCS, so the excitement level was really high.
As ours was a special batch, we outnumbered the chairs which were laid in our honour, and after this was sorted out, finally I got to sit and my neighbours were Jigyasa(on the left) and Kavita(on the right), but my excitement level which was really high came down as soon as I saw Jigyasa’s wedding bangles :-(
Within sometime our faculty for the day CA Rajender Arora also came, was a bit late and after a normal chit chat he started with our much awaited introductory session.
Kavita stole the show with her Enterpreneurial vision ! Though Sahil and Pulkit were not far behind and got our faculty on the back foot with their SANSANI.. The day ended and I waited for the next class.

The pre-lunch session at Vigyan Bhawan was really boring and it was only after lunch the ice was broken when the whole batch got together to play dumb shiraz. It was a lot of fun and something I was eagerly waiting for to happen. As we started interacting as a group very early in the batch, it gave us the desired comfort level which we used to good effect in the coming days.

The Tea Break Photography
The third day came and got with it Dr Bhavna, who was discussing quite useful things, but everyone was feeling a bit bored so in came her assistant Sahima and after a brief lecture she divided us into groups for the SWOT analysis. It was quite interesting which really involved us, we got to see a catfight, lots of NOs from Ms Sahima and an incident in which Rahul (Mr Chance Maaro) had to make a defence for his life when Garima got hold of him on the ‘INNOVATION of Rakhi Sawant’ ! With this class our photography sessions also began.
The next one was the most productive day in terms of study, and the faculty was Mr Ahuja, so nothing funny worth mentioning.

Outside Malviya Bhawan
Fifth day came which was the turning point for our batch and marked the beginning of bunking the class on a mass scale, the faculty Mrs Sudhir was really ‘GOOOD’, didn’t even complain and was very cooperative even when I got tea for her to give us the much needed break. After bunking some went to Pizza Hut, many stayed back and the others went for a movie. It was this class only in which ‘Miss MOSES’ and 'CHUNNI LAL' came into existence and our never ending group FOTOs started.

The time was now ripe for the GREAT and FANTABULOUS class of  Mr Ravish Bhateja but had to be handled with a lot of JOSH and HOSH with PASSION as a by product. We gave Rohit b'day bumps in the tea break, on the whole the class had a lot of fun element with the SAKINAKAs, Khuch Khuch (a great act by Pulkit) , the Chingaari group and the whistle salute game as well in which Tejasvi won. We also got to know the positives other 63 thought about us in the class.

This marked the end of first six days and still there was a lot more to be experienced.


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