Friday, May 21, 2010

The BIG IPL Mess and the Politicians

Well by now almost all of us know what the IPL mess was.
It had been a series of events just like a pendulum, swinging either way each day.
All started with Mr Lalid Modi's revelations about the shareholding of Rendezvous Sports for the Kochi franchise and Mr Tharoor's alleged involvement in it and ended with Mr Modi's suspension.

The key players involved in the entire process were Mr Modi, Mr Tharoor, Mr Shashank Manohar (BCCI President), Mr Sharad Pawar, Mr N Srinivasan (BCCI Secretary) who by the way also happens to be the owner of the Chennai Super Kings franchise and the MD of India Cements, last but not the least Ms Sunanda Pushkar, who was the eye of the storm for 10 days or so.

The damage control seems to have been done temporarily with the resignation Mr Tharoor and the subsequent suspension of Mr Modi. But the real issues start now.

The Income Tax deptt has swung into action and is issuing various notices to the franchises, the excise deptt is also not behind, raising demands, where were they before for the first 2 seasons of the IPL ? The investigations revealed the equity transferred to Ms Pushkar was not in accordance with the law, and various other rules had been ignored.
How a minister of state in the Indian Govt used his influence to get a stake for his external affair in the name of his state and kept denying the fact till she actually surrendered her stake.

The problem with our system is that the Cricket administrations and the state associations are being run by the politicians who are ministers, MPs and hold various posts in the Govt.

One of the charges Mr Modi is charged with is his association with the franchises and his stake in them, then why doesn't the board question Mr Srinivasan also, if it has to maintain transparency with its administration ?

I genuinely feel there is much more to the IPL saga than what we have actually seen, a lot of black money has been transferred through this medium , lot of taxation and corporate law issues which need to be sorted out.
Unless the sporting arenas are made free from the political personnel, there cannot be any transparency, its all about money and that too big big money which is involved here. Modi and Tharoor have been made the scapegoat, the actual people involved in this mess are still in hiding and the truth is still awaited.

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