Wednesday, March 10, 2010


With the 33% womens' reservation bill finally getting a nod in the Rajya Sabha 186-1 after a lot of hue and cry by the Yadav trio, the Congress and the Opposition favoring the bill still have a task in their hands with the bill yet to be tabled in the Lok Sabha. It seems highly unlikely though in this session now as the Congress is gearing up to convince the allies. With Lalu withdrawing the unwanted support and Mamata continuing with her doldrums, the Govt wants to achieve a consensus for the bill among all.
While the corruption is on a peak high and the way our Parliament and State Assemblies run with no respect for the Speakers at all,we hope women will add some sort of decency to the House.
But the big question is : Will the women actually add to the quality of members or it shall be a mockery of the system once again ? We'll have to wait and watch, it may turn out to be a dummy set up in the political arena or a family affair now.