Monday, October 10, 2011


Now coming over to the last 3 days of our golden time..

It was our 13th day which started with great pomp and show, we used the auditorium’s speakers to good effect for music so that everyone could dance till the faculty didn’t come, courtesy Mr Surana (Lightsman). People kept on coming slowly and got in their dancing shoes immediately..

Our faculty gave us some some reasonable time to enjoy as she (Mrs Srivastava) was a bit late, and as expected our celebrations came to an abrupt halt when she came in.

There was no limit of getting bored that day as it was a purely non-interactive session.We kept waiting, first for the morning tea, then lunch, and finally for the class to get over. Post lunch, we extended our break and clicked a lot of photographs, and the day’s target was met.

O! Shrey and Sonali had gone to arrange for the momentoes post lunch and took our Question Bank’s (Rohit) car, while coming back they got a bit late as well, which made our Question Bank really furious and a drama took place thereafter with Chandan also chipping in !!

The day ended with nothing more to be mentioned about.

Day 14 and Faculty : Mr Vinay Sharma

Mr Sharma was well in time and didn’t give us a chance to repeat the previous class’s performance. It was a party day too and girls had got their dresses  with them..Our faculty first started with some interactive sessions which included some very different types of activities. Meanwhile we were also busy in planning for our evening party.Varun and Amar took over and started making arrangements for it.

After that we went for lunch in a party mood, and didn’t know what we were in for after lunch !

Mr Sharma decided to make full use of the time and started with the preparation of interviews.
After that it was a total writing session and we kept on filling the pages, the only highlight being Sahil Manchanda’s ‘Head girl’ speech, which is worth mentioning.

Class over and time to party ! Castle 9 in Connaught Place was finalised.. Rohit, I, Lipika, Rahul, Sahil and Vishakha went on a shopping spree while Shrey was yet to join us and most of the people were already in Castle 9. So after that we also joined the remainder of our group there..

Castle 9
Though it took a while for things to get streamlined, but once they did, it was hard to control people, and most of them who were always quiet in the class !! Tashu (Deepika) danced beautifully and was our dance instructor for the evening…Varun and Amar deserved their share of credit for managing the event..

So, the eventful day had finally come. The batch was on the verge of conclusion, our result was expected on the next day, everyone was quite anxious and emotions were quite high.

To add to our woes was our faculty CA Kamal Garg, whom I was personally waiting for, as I had heard a lot about him. Within no time, he started with his ragging and to my surprise, I was his first scalp ! All of a sudden he realized we were not in a mood to study, so he started with knowledge sharing and interview questions with us. That particular day time was really flying, and that too when we really wanted the opposite..

After lunch we all got busy in signing the T-shirts and getting ours also signed in return. And after some time dignitaries from the Institute came over for the customary proceedings of giving lectures and handing over the certificates. After they left it was time for our own show, for which we had been preparing for quite some time. The titles had to be given, of which most of them were decided by me and rest of the work was done by Sonali, Purnima, and O! Shrey.

The stage was set, the announcements were made by O! Shrey, I handed over the titles, while Sahil and Pulkit escorted everyone, and also said something if they felt the need !!

So, after that, we all left with a heavy heart with commitments of being in touch, and result was round the corner, so emotions were mixed and tensions were at an all time high !

It was not over yet, we all went to Connaught Place and had ice-cream there and then took place our bid-adieus..

The BEST was already behind us…


  1. Read the last part with a big smile on my face..!! Bt the last line.. Is really true..!

    It feels as if the gud times we spent were really unique n cannot be copied again..!!

    Still we should never forget " BEST IS YET TO CUM "

    My BYE to these written memories ...!! Keepin d original once wid me forever !!:
    Lipika Nayyar

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