Friday, August 20, 2010


In the latest addition to the hall of fame of 'Hit and run' cases, Amanat Brar (alias Sukhmani), aged 19, of Chandigarh has shot to fame. She was in a drunk state and was driving her Honda Accord at a very high speed while racing when she couldn't control the wheels and banged into a motorcycle in which 2 cousins died. The incident took place in a posh area of Chandigarh, near the official residence of Chief minister of Haryana, still nobody seems to have taken note of it.

The girls who were sitting in the car immediately after the collision fled the area leaving the two persons hit on the spot in the dark...Amanat surrendered, with a covered face, almost after 15 hours of the incident, to negate the effects of the medical test, and pleaded guilty, but was granted bail immediately after surrender, this is how our Indian law works for the Rich and the mighty....The people who died were of age 21 and 5, sitting on the motorcycle, not rich people...I still dont understand why aren't strong charges pressed against the girl and how can she get the bail so easily, just spare a thought for the families of those who died, who will give them justice ? The police is also taking it lightly as the people affected do not have enough to fill their pockets. How convenient, 'u hit and run, nobody is chasing '. The poor's life does not hold any value in the Indian Stock Market...

 This incident has once again lightened the flames of  the infamous BMW case in which Sanjeev Nanda, son of a major Arms dealer and the grandson of Admiral S.M Nanda was convicted and the lawyers (R.K. Anand and I.U. Khan) who were on the prosecution's turf, shifted their loyalties as the Nandas got them on their side by the force of money. This is nothing new, the Indian system works this way only. Until the issues are highlighted by the media, nothing substantial happens and it will continue to be like this way only unless the Govt takes a stern action and amends the existing laws...

Salman Khan is another famous personality who has been involved in this case. He was accused of running over his car over the people lying on the footpath..These actors should lead by example as they enjoy a mass following in the nation, and yet another case of consumption of alcohol, in almost all the cases, alcohol is the common factor..
The Govt statistics suggest that 63% of the accidents involve women, and
the time between 4am and 5am has the lowest number of accidents, this has been identified by using the Accident Reporting System (ARS).

Infact road accidents have earned India a dubious distinction. With over 1,30,000 deaths annually, the country has overtaken China and now has the worst road traffiic accident rate worldwide.

This has been revealed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in its first ever Global Status Report on Road Safety.


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