Wednesday, May 26, 2010


In the world we live in today, terrorism is a major problem faced by the countries and media has got an enormous task to do with the powers it has, whether used for good or bad and in this era of cut throat competition, media is also not untouched.
The race for BREAKING NEWS has led to compromise on ethics and national security in a big way.

The investigation probe into any matter, whether a terrorist attack or a murder is a very essential mode of getting to the roots, which has to be kept in secret in all respects. The media has to understand its responsibility in keeping the investigation details intact so that those who can be affected by it don't get a chance to evade the law.

Recently ATS Chief  K P Raghuvanshi revealed vital details of the probe in public which hurt the probe badly, which was even admitted by the Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan.
  • After the details revealed by the ATS lead to the trail to the Pakistani handlers going cold.
  • The Pakistani handler had stopped communicating after ATS revealed his codename.
   The repercussions of these revelations, and the threat it 
   causes to national security cannot be undermined.

If the criminals are being shifted from one jail to the other, 
its a breaking news in the media, giving their fellows a golden tip 
to let them run away. I ask why is this news even being publicised,
The Government's role is in question ?

This image clearly shows the modus operandi of the forces which if seen by the terrorists will help them immensely in planning their attack. 
There should be a complete ban on the broadcast of these activities.
The time has now come to draw a line. The media's wings need to be clipped, as we know technology has its positives as well as negatives. The only thing media is bothered about these days is the high TRPs and who got the exclusive news first.

The Government is concerned about banning the exit polls, but no attention goes
 in this respect.

Its high time the media itself understands that healthy competition
should be there but not at the cost of national security.

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